Improve the lives of feral and stray street cats

Bronx Tails is a small group of individuals. We have no brick-and-mortar shelter, medical staff, or funding beyond donations. We are volunteers who do our best to manage busy lives (including jobs, families, and pets of our own) and cram in as much rescue (time, resources, and money) as we can.

Your generosity can provide a safe haven for cats in need

How your donations help

  1. Save Lives: Donate to Bronx Tails Cat Rescue and give abandoned cats a second chance at life.
  2. Combat Overpopulation: Support our cat rescue’s spaying/neutering programs to control overpopulation and prevent unnecessary suffering.
  3. Promote Adoption: Help cats find loving forever homes by donating to our non-profit and creating a nurturing environment for adoption.
  4. Support Community Education: Donate to Bronx Tails to fund educational resources that raise awareness about responsible pet ownership.
  5. Make a Lasting Impact: Your donation, no matter the amount, joins others in creating a safer, more loving world for cats.

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